PostHeaderIcon Doctor And Pappu

Doctor to patient : Ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai.

Pappu : Doctor saheb Pehle se zyada kharab ho gayi hai.

Doctor : dawai khali thi kya?

Pappu : Nai doctor saheb. dawai ki shishi to bhari hui thi.

Doctor : Are Pappu ji mere kehne ka matlab hai ki, dawai le li
thi kya.

Pappu : Ji, aapne dawai de di thi aur maine le li thi.

Doctor: Abe, dawai pili thi kya?

Pappu : Oho, nai doctor saheb dawai to lal thi.

Doctor : Abe GADHE, Dawai ko piliya tha kya?

Pappu : Nai. Doctor, Piliya to mujhe tha.

Doctor( in frustration) : Abe teri to, Dawai ko muh lagakar Pet
me dala tha k nai?

Pappu : Nai doctor saheb.

Doctor : Kyon?

Pappu : Kyonki dhakkan band tha.

Doctor : Teri sale, to Khola kyon nai.

Pappu : Saheb, aapne hi to kaha tha ki, shishi ka dhakkan band

Doctor : Tera ilaj main nai kar sakta.

Pappu : Accha Doctor saheb ye to bata do ki main thik kaise hounga

PostHeaderIcon Article on Sharab

Problem may come for Haywards 2000 & 5000,

but you must take it as a Royal Challenge,

otherwise people will call you an Old Monk

And stick a Black Label on you but you must

Fight like a Napoleon and live like a Bag Piper,

Walk like a Johny walker, work till 8 pm, think

Like a Director Special, then your life will be like

Imperial Blue. If you will do all the above thing

You will be the U B Export and then there will

Be a very good value for your Signature.

PostHeaderIcon Performance pressure

Poultry farm ke malik ne tammam Murgiyon ko Order diya
“Agar tum logon ne kal se Do — Do ande nahi diye to kal se tumhara dana pani band ” Murgiya dar gayi ….sab ne do do ande diye magar ek murgi ne sirf ek anda diya “ Malik “tum ne 1 anda hi kyon diya “
. .
. Jawab mila.
. .. “Sir ye aapke darr ki wajah se de diya hai, waise to main Murga hoon.