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PostHeaderIcon Jokes In Hindi……Funny

1 - मालिक: तुम बाथरूम में क्यू घुस आए, क्या तुम्हे पता नही था की मैं नहा रहा हूँ?
नौकर: हज़ूर ग़लती हो गयी, में समझा था बेगम साहिबा है.

2 - टीचर: सच ओर वहम में क्या फ़र्क़ है ?
स्टूडेंट: आप जो हमें पढ़ा रही हैं वो सच है, लेकिन हम सब पढ़ रहे हैं ये आपका वहम है……..

3- लड़का: माँ, आज मेरा दोस्त घर आ रहा है….
घर के सब खिलोने छिपा दे.
माँ: तेरा दोस्त चोर है क्या?
लड़का: नहीं, वो अपने खिलोने पहेचान लेगा !

4- एक छोटा बच्चा बहुत देर से घर के बाहर खड़ा दरवाजे की घंटी बजाने की कॉसिश कर रहा था.तो एक बूढ़ा आदमी आया और कहा:
बूढ़ा आदमी: क्या कर रहे हो बेटा?
बच्चा: अंकल, यह घंटी बजाना चाहता हूँ.
बूढ़ा आदमी (घंटी बजi के): यह लो बज गया, अब क्या है?
बच्चा: अब भागो!

5- कस्टमर: मुझे फोन पेर धमकिया मिल रही है.
पोलीस: कौन है वो जो आपको धमकिया दे रहा है?
कस्टमर: टेलिफोन वाले बोलते है के, “बिल नही भरोगे तो काट देंगे.”

6 - लोग कहते हैं की खुदा ने आपको बड़ी फ़ुर्सत में बनाया है…
ठीक ही कहते हैं, फालतू काम फ़ुर्सत में ही तो किए जाते हैं.

7 - जो तुमको हो पसंद वोही बात कहेंगे,
तुम दिन को अगर रात कहो तो रात कहेंगे,
क्यूंकी… … “पागलो से बहस नही की जा सकती”….

8 - बहू का फर्स्ट अफेयर सुनने के बाद ससुर ने बहू को मारा!
2न्ड अफेयर पता लगने पर पति ने मारा!
लेकिन सास हर बार चुप रही!
क्यूंकी सास भी कभी बहू थी!

9 - टीचर: उसने खुद खुशी कर ली, उससे खुद खुशी करनी पड़ी, डिफरेन्स बताओ.

स्टूडेंट: पहले वाला पढ़ा लिखा बेरोज़गार था, दूसरा शादी शुदा था.

10 - एक बार एक तोता उड़ रहा था फुल स्पीड पर.
उसके सामने अचानक फुल स्पीड में एक फरारी आ रही थी, दोनो की टक्कर हुई…
तोता बेहोश होगा या, रास्ते में एक भिकारी था उसने तोता को उठाया और घर ले गया.
उसको मरहम लगाया और पिंजरे में रख दिया.
जब तोता को होश आया, उसने अपने आप को पिंजरे में देखा.

और बोला, “आईला … जेल …. वो फरारी का ड्राइवर मर गया क्या ??

PostHeaderIcon English SMS For Communication and Enjoyment

A short message is the information that can be used to transfer data to a lot. To use short message services have been introduced with a number of people looking for a way to tell your friends, relatives and friends what they think and what they think of them. This piece of technology is really interesting, not to mention the numerous discoveries in SMS children who came with it. Types of SMS English SMS are as varied as you will find a loving, gentle jokes and flirtatious. What kind of person you are sending an SMS message with a positive or a negative effect on the recipient.

English jokes are by far some of the most interesting in the mobile phone. A joke by SMS can be sent to someone to cheer them up. There are people who love to laugh with those people who have a great sense of humor, but approaching them is crucial. SMS you send these people to trigger a nerve to make them laugh. There are different kinds of jokes in English that can be sent by SMS. Animal jokes, jokes, cartoons, jokes, celebrity, crazy jokes, ethnic jokes, food jokes, school jokes and much more. Something interesting that you see can be turned into comedy and turned into a short message to make someone laugh or cause them to action.

Sending text messages on the phone to show how much you love someone. When structuring the text a little creativity and innovation will be necessary to offer content that will not only send the message, but send the message with style. If not that of your friends have been pushing him quiet with a joke by text message and make his day. SMS in English is easier to understand, you can play with words to achieve a unique piece to send to someone. If you run out of ideas this joke to send someone on SMS pick ideas in magazines, online and look around. Sending these messages is fun when you do it with friends.

PostHeaderIcon Top Reasons To Send Free SMS Jokes

Laughter and fun to make life meaningful. They provide an outlet for pain, stress and rigors that affect our daily lives. A smile not only keeps you grounded, so is alert and enthusiastic. Why not make someone's day by sending free SMS jokes?

Another reason to send a text message joke is that people want to read the jokes. When traveling, or when waiting for buses that pass through the messages in their inbox. Surprisingly, even though our life is very hectic, people these days do not take the time to read these jokes. Many even the best jokes on their personal contact information. This SMS jokes are a great way to keep in touch with a contact list of people.

Today, we often do not have time to talk with friends or relatives on a regular basis. One of the ways we can tell them that we care and remember to send them text messages. If you have nothing important to say, but I just do not want to give the other person knows that the cure, the SMS is a joke.

PostHeaderIcon How Funny Jokes Help You in Destressing

I keep asking lifestyles of today, something that stress can never be automatic, because there are so many resources that can hurt you dreaded condition regularly. More because of a belief more widespread than we ever have time to take immediate steps, the pressure mounts, and one day lead to tragic consequences.

It may be possible that some people find this kind of feeling regularly, others may have this experience once a week or more. But regardless of frequency, the fact is that this is a dangerous condition to be, and can lead to great damage to both body and mind. However, there may be a relatively simple solution to escape the stress through jokes that are freely available on the Internet.

Let's talk about stress and its harmful effects, which interferes with his sanity, and leads to the person suffering from depression, hypertension and related conditions. This can also be supplemented by memory lapses and memory, and judgments of indecision and wrong. As you can see not only the stress is very harmful to the mind but also for the social life of an individual and family life as well. Therefore, it is important to always update with jokes to reduce the pressures of everyday life

Basically, what these sites do not joke is to provide an individual with an unlimited supply of jokes from all walks of life. This is concerned with a couple of laughs, and is a great help to restore hormonal balance are the first to be affected by stress. And now it is scientifically proven that half an hour of laughter can do wonders for your health. Speaking of laughter therapy generally helps cure many diseases involving the heart and nervous system.

PostHeaderIcon Latest sayari!

Intezar rehta hai har shaam apka,
raatein katti hai le kar naam apka,
muddat se baithe hai ye aas lagaye
ki aaj aayega koi paigaam apka…

Aksar jab hum aapko yaad karte hai
apne rab se yahi fariyaad karte hai
umar hamari bhi lag jaye aapko
kyoki hum aap ko khud se zyada pyar karte hai…

Aye mohabbat tere anjaam pe rona aaya
Jaane kyon aaj tere naam pe rona aaya
Yun to har sham umedon mein guzar jaati hai
Aaj kuch baat hai jo sham pe rona aaya

Geet ki zaroorat mehfil mein hoti hai
Pyar ki zaroorat dil mein hoti hai
Bin dosti ke adhuri hai yeh zindagi
Kyunki dost ki zaroorat har pal mehsus hoti hai

PostHeaderIcon What is marketing?

1. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I'm a very rich, Will you marry me?"
Ans: This is "Direct marketing".

2. You at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friend goes up to her and pointing at you and say:"He is very rich" Marry him?
Ans: This is "Business advertising".

3. You are at a party and see a gorgeous girl. She walk up to you and says: "You are very rich" Can u marry me?
Ans: This is "Brand recognition".

4.You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to and say: "I'm very rich. Marry me?" She gives you a nice hard slap on your face.
Ans: This is "Customer feedback"

5.You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I'm very rich. Marry me?" then she introduces u to her husband.
Ans: This is "Demand and supply gap".

6. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before u say: "I'm rich, marry me?" Your wife arrives-
Ans: This is "Restriction for entering new markets".

PostHeaderIcon Jo Bhi kahunga such mai kahunga!

Jo bhi kahunga such mai kahunga,

Tu pass ho yaa do par touch me rhunga!

Email bhi karunga sex bhi karunga,

Tujhe sms bhej kar relax bhi mai kaunga!!

Jo bhi kahunga such mai kahunga,

Tu pass ho yaa door par touch me rahunga!!

#####DIL TO BACHHA HAI JI#########

PostHeaderIcon Funny Jokes

Ek larka apni girlfriend se milne gaya, kuch baat ke baad uski girlfirend chaye(tea) banane ke liye kitchen chali gayi.

Girlfriend ka mobile sofay pe dekh kar larky ne socha ke chalo dekhte hai mera number iss ne kis naam se save kya hai?

Dear, sweetu ya jaanu.

Jab usne misscall di toh screen pe likh raha tha “Murgha No.5? Calling”.

Duniyaa me mohabbat karne waalo ki,

Takdeer badalti rahti hai,

Shisha to wahi rahta hai,

Tasweer badalti rahti hai.

Wife: Aap bahut mote ho gaye ho.

Santa: Tum bhi toh kitni moti ho gayi ho,

Wife: Main toh maa banne wali hoon!

Santa: Main bhi toh baap banne wala hoon.