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A short message is the information that can be used to transfer data to a lot. To use short message services have been introduced with a number of people looking for a way to tell your friends, relatives and friends what they think and what they think of them. This piece of technology is really interesting, not to mention the numerous discoveries in SMS children who came with it. Types of SMS English SMS are as varied as you will find a loving, gentle jokes and flirtatious. What kind of person you are sending an SMS message with a positive or a negative effect on the recipient.

English jokes are by far some of the most interesting in the mobile phone. A joke by SMS can be sent to someone to cheer them up. There are people who love to laugh with those people who have a great sense of humor, but approaching them is crucial. SMS you send these people to trigger a nerve to make them laugh. There are different kinds of jokes in English that can be sent by SMS. Animal jokes, jokes, cartoons, jokes, celebrity, crazy jokes, ethnic jokes, food jokes, school jokes and much more. Something interesting that you see can be turned into comedy and turned into a short message to make someone laugh or cause them to action.

Sending text messages on the phone to show how much you love someone. When structuring the text a little creativity and innovation will be necessary to offer content that will not only send the message, but send the message with style. If not that of your friends have been pushing him quiet with a joke by text message and make his day. SMS in English is easier to understand, you can play with words to achieve a unique piece to send to someone. If you run out of ideas this joke to send someone on SMS pick ideas in magazines, online and look around. Sending these messages is fun when you do it with friends.


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