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English Sms Shayari

Lovable number "143", Lovable symbol "Rose", Lovable place "Taj Mahal", Lovable day "14 Feb", Lovable organ "Heart", Lovable friends "U"....

Wat will I do if god gives me 24 hrs before death? I will be with u 23 hrs. now u r thinking wat abt d last hr, in tht hour i will search someone 2 care 4 U..
Birth is "START OF LIFE", Beauty is "ART OF LIFE", Love is "PART OF LIFE", Death is "LAST OF LIFE", BUT, Friendship is the "HEART OF LIFE".

Don't only make a relation with someone who makes you happy. Make a relation with someone who cannot b happy without u...!

My maths teacher told me 1'hour=60 mins. & 1'min=60'secs. but she never told me that 1'sec.without a FRIEND like U is equal to 100'years.

"FRIEND": who is F: First for me. R: Ready anytime for me. I: Inspires me. E: Enjoys life with mi. N: Never forgets me. D: Dear! Its YOU.


Ashok Kumar said...

Well done. You have done good work.

SMS of the day
What is the mean of ABCDEFGH?
A boy can do everything for a girl.

Ashok Kumar said...

"We must not loose faith in friendship. Friendship is a ocean if some drops of ocean become dirty ocean does not become dirty."

"Some times being a friend is even better than being a superohero"