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PostHeaderIcon I want to say I Love You

I believe myself to be in love; I met this man and on the first night I saw him I felt this emotional connection with him. I can look deep into his eyes and my eyes get heavy yet I want to leave them open just to stare at him. The more I sat with him the more I felt the need to say I love you. My heart beats faster when I hear his voice or talk to him. I, for some reason, needed to meet him when I saw his picture and I can't explain why. I feel this overwhelming feeling of love coming off of him when ever he is around.

He makes me feel safe all the time and we can just sit and stare at each other for hours with out saying a word. When we are together I have no cares and I am off in a world where nothing matters, I can't hear a thing. He gives me chills when he touches me. What’s it all mean?